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In today's electronics business, managing an "ESD program" is an integral, logicall part of a complete quality program. In fact, those who doesn't have an active ESD program puts themselves and their customers at risk. is a ESD total project designer to set up and give you the right ESD tools, ESD-products and ESD-information to implement an “ESD-save” environment.When working with ESD-products, if improperly used , severe damage to both material and human can be caused . ESD products knows how to control static electricity and this is not done by just buying ESD products.

Take advantage of our ESD-knowledge as overall ESD project organizer / ESD project designer // Guidelines how to set up an ESD Protected Area...

We offer a complete range of ESD-safe products such as ESD footwear, ESD shoes and ESD safety shoes , ESD sandals , ESD slippers , ESD clogs but also ESD-clothing such as ESD jackets , ESD Polo shirt, ESD-T-Shirts , ESD-trousers, ESD Sweatshirts , cleanroom apparel . Our Collection ESD-packaging offers a range of possibilities ranging from antistatic bags, protective ESD Shielding bags, esd-boxes, ESD-containers, ESD-bins, ESD drawers, etc.

When setting up your ESD protected area , you have the choice of a wide range of ESD tables , available in various sizes and configurations . Our ESD workbenches are both basic ESD table , adjustable in height , and for heavy work , the Heavy - Duty ESD workbenches. It goes without saying that a complete ESD-safe seat is required in the EPA. You can choose from the most complete offered ESD chairs namely ergonomic ESD work chairs in height adjustable , with ESD wheels or ESD glides with ESD armrests, with ESD foot ring or ESD footrest .

Daily and weekly maintenance of the EPA is necessary, but most importantly it is to deal with the appropriate ESD cleaners . ESD Sensitive workspace treating with Non ESD cleaning products is taboo in this environment . Our large and portable ESD vacuum cleaners are very easy to use , and all meet the International ESD Standards : IEC / EN 61340-5-1 or ESD S20:20.

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Preventing ESD damage in electronic manufacture

Electronic equipment manufacturers know that small electrostatic discharges (ESD), which can occur during assembly and handling of printed circuit boards and modules in electronic equipment. ESD damage can cause failed components leading to equipment test failures and rework costs, or latent component failures which could cause failures in equipment in the field.

Whilst it is difficult to attribute specific failures to ESD damage, most manufacturers prefer to prevent possible damage and reliability problems by assembling equipment under electrostatic safe conditions in an electrostatic protected area (EPA). In Europe, guidance is given in the EN100015 series of standards, and many manufacturers adhere to this as part of their Quality Assurance procedures. Whilst installation of static preventative equipment can provide good protection against static damage, the effectiveness of these measures can be compromised by working practices, materials and equipment allowed into the EPA.


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  Electrostatic Discharge

ESD, a much disastrous danger than one would expect

What is ESD ?

ESD is the acronym for Electrostatic discharge. Discharges of static electricity is a physical phenomena that we can experience every day e.g.combing hairs, zaps after touching a doorknob, lightning ...

Mostly, electrostatic discharges are not harmful for humans, but the effect that they have on electrical components, is the same as the effect of a lightning bolt striking a tree.

ESD Rubber Mat, ESD Floor Mat, ESD Cleanroom Mat, ESD Anti Fatigue Mat, ESD Chair Mat, ESD Floor Runner, ESD Bags, ESD Wrist Strap, ESD Heel Grounders

What causes ESD ?

When two materials come into contact, they share electrons.
After separating the materials they become charged.
The material giving up electrons becomes positively charged while the material accepting the electrons becomes negatively charged. The relative tendency to become positively or negatively charged is an intrinsic material property.
This property is summarized in the triboelectric series.

If a charged object comes near an object with a difference in
electrostatic potential, an electrostatic discharge will take place.

Mostly we don't notice these discharges. It takes more than 3000 Volts to feel, 5000 Volts to hear, and 10.000 Volts to see a discharge.

Guidelines for installation an EPA

Installing an EPA

 AntiStatic-ESD-Solutions ESDproducts

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When performing written work, we often shift to the edge of our chair so we can sit up straighter and reduce the load on our lower back muscles. This results in a space that is too small to sit on and consequently too much pressure on the skin. What's more, in this position, we can't use the armrests anymore, nor do we have any support for our back. A chair with its seat and back tilted forwards will prevent these problems. The back support assumes the load on the lower back muscles. If you add armrests with adjustable height and width, you will also prevent a static load on the neck and shoulder muscles.

When talking on the phone or with a colleague, we often flop back in our chairs. The slouching that follows causes the back muscles to take on a static load. A seat and back that tilt backwards along with the occupant prevent slouching so that the spinal column keeps its natural posture. Achieving the proper position for sitting means choosing the proper chair - one that is specifically set up for each individual and made for a specific activity, such as working at a computer (NEN 3002/ISO 9241-3*). Expert advice based on knowledge of organisational, environmental and product ergonomics is a prerequisite to making these specific choices.


BMA developed the Axia ESD. The chair is fully conductive, preventing damage to electronic equipment from even minor static discharges. The Axia ESD is perfectly suited for implementation in highly critical ESD environments such as the electronics industry, and is available in the following versions: Axia Flex, Axia Pro, Axia Plus and Axia Office.

Besides guaranteed safe ESD working, the Axia ESD has all the characteristics of an ergonomic office chair. The Axia ESD is an ergonomic chair that complies with the IEC 61340-5-1:2002 standard for an ESD-safe




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ESD Web Shop - Protection against static electricity

13 August 2016

The ESD Online Web Shop antistatic-ESD Solutions offer a complete range of ESD safe products for protection against static electricity: ESD workbenches, ESD Chairs, ESD furniture, ESD Clothing, ESD footwear, ESD Storage & Warehousing, ESD tools, ESD Cleaning and maintenance, ESD packaging, ESD safe bags ... The ESD Online Webshop antistatic-ESD Solutions.(Read more)

Summer promotion anti static ESD workbenches BIGGER_is_BETTER workstations

9 July 2016

A fantastic summer Promo for ESD Classic Workbenches at summer prices!!! Not satisfied with your small workspace? Your workbench isn't large enough to make your work comfortable? B.A.S.S. (Belgium's-A-StaticScience) presents tropical promo prices Anti-Static ESD Workstations:(Read more)

ESD-containers | ESD-boxes | ESD-bins | ESD-totes | ESD anti static Packaging

28 June 2016

Complete range of ESD safe boxes, ESD bins, ESD totes, ESD foldable or collapsible containers, ESD EURO pallets, featuring all standard designs and world- wide accepted .... Electricallly conductive tote boxes, ESD stackable bins, both storage and shipping containers and covers all according to EN 61340-5-1.

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Anti-Static Workbenches & ESD workstations

31 August 2015

ESD workbenches is what you are looking for? Antistatic-ESD-Solutions offers a complete range workstations! ESD safe workbenches adjustable in height, ESD tables, (Read more)

ESD safe clothing - ESD-garment

22 February 2013

ESD garment must be certified by reputable institutes according the ESD standard DIN EN 61340-5-1:2008 according European standards and ANSI-S2020 according USA standrards. ESD clothing is only a small, but extremely important key to quality to guarantee electronic products. Not adequate clothing disrupts the production, damage electronic components, and caused a large drop-out in the way of non- or bad working, and even worse, damaged electronic products. ESD clothing must protect the electrical charges and discharges. Unfortunately most people in the electronics industry also most of the companies who supply “ESD-safe products” have insufficient knowledge of ESD. They buy or sell expensive products including ESD clothing, but they do not know exactly what those products do, how they work, what they can cause ...(Read more)

ESD Safe Tools.

15 November 2010

Wiha ESD Tools. The greatest danger when working with electronic components is electrostatic discharge. Even small amounts of charge that are not discernable to the user can destroy the delicate structure of the components. Wiha's ESD tools are conform to the international ESD standard IEC 61340-5-1. (Read more)

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