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 ESD furniture

Our ESD furniture manufacturer provides ergonomic working areas for your company and is distinguished by:

  • Wide range of functional, convertible and interchangeable modules for each particular employee;
  • Adjustment, layout and customization according to clients' specific needs;
  • Possibility of modernization and refitting after the purchase;
  • Strict compliance with the international antistatic ESD standard IEC 61340.  

ESDproducts-VIKING industrial furniture product range includes ESD workbenches, ESD movable drawer units, ESD trolleys and ESD shelvings, ESD storage and ESD-wardrobe cabinets, antistatic chairs and other equipment and accessories.
The furniture is produced in antistatic (ESD-protected) and general industrial versions.


SuperStat-VIK general industrial furniture.

Today ESDproducts-VIK brand offers a wide range of different workplaces, industrial furniture and equipment.
We designed and produce ESDproducts-VIK furniture as reliable, durable, ergonomic and easy to assemble products. In the past 10 years we have furnished thousands of Russian industrial enterprises, since 2007 we also sell our products to European electronics and semiconductor industry companies from Germany, the Netherlands, France, Finland, Turkey and others.

ESDproducts-VIK antistatic industrial ESD furniture.

Antistatic (ESD) safety is one of the modern requirements for companies working in a field of electronic devices manufacturing, processing and repair. One of the crucial elements of this safety is antistatic furniture in particular and workplaces protection in general. We were the first in Russia to develop new technologies and use new materials to manufacture antistatic furniture, which complies with international IEC 61340. By now, VIKING ESD products have practically become a standard for Russian radio electronics companies.  ESD equipment tools.

Besides a broad line of furniture, we offer a wide range of antistatic ESD-products and consumables to fully equip ESD-protected areas. Among them, one can find ESD-garments and ESD-shoes, ESD-storage and ESD-transportation means, ionizers and instruments, monitoring and audit devices. .

Classic ESD-workbenches

ESD workbenche


elektronica tafel


ESD werktafel


Tabletop secondary structure is a special addition for 900 mm depth Classic workbenches. The structure provides extended comfort and ergonomics while working with many types of ESD equipment. Also it offers additional sockets and a drawer.

Shelves are equipped with additional wiring panel with the possibility of extension: basic version includes 4 sockets and a switch, 2 sockets can be added for 1200 mm length shelves, 8 sockets can be added for 1500 mm length shelves and 13 sockets can be added for 1800 mm length shelves. Optionally shelves can be equipped with RCD and internet socket. Basic version also includes 400x360x400 mm drawer.

Shelves dimensions are 1200/1500/1800 x 40 x 65 mm.
Load capacity is 150 kg.

ESD-workplaces series 

ESDproducts-VIK products are available in general industrial (not antistatic) and ESD (antistatic) versions, the latter are marked with ESD label.

Steel frame is powder-coated in dark grey (RAL 7012) or light grey (RAL 7035) color, tabletops are resistant to erasure. VIKING workbenches are modular, which allow customers to order only necessary parts and get workplaces for specific use.

Sets of furniture can be adapted by additional equipment at any time after the purchase. Assembly and installation is quick and simple, clear assembly instructions are provided with each module. Worktops and shelves are designed to endure big loads. Rigid and robust construction of VIKING workbenches provides reliable usage and thought-out ergonomics - for comfortable work. B.A.S.S. ESDproducts-VIK ESD-protected products are compliant with IEC 61340 standard and possess all the necessary certificates and test reports. We divide our workbenches and supplementary elements in several series; each has its own peculiarities:

ESD-ALLIANCE workbenches are distinguished by elegant design, advanced ergonomics and convenient system of height adjustment.

ESD workbenche

ESD-CLASSIC workbenches are simple, functional and inexpensive. They can be placed in a line with no gaps for conveyor work.


ESD-COMFORT workbenches that look more appealing and offer advanced ergonomics for comfortable work.

table de travail ESD

ESD-CONSTANT workbenches (with unregulated height) that are equipped with functional supports and can withstand increased load.

ESD table de travail

ESD-OSTROV workbenches that are mirror-like, designed for the most effective use of workspace.


ESD-VERSTAK heavy duty workbenches that are not offered in antistatic version, but their rigidity and different tabletop and supports types will be useful for manufacturing process.

ESD heavy duty workbenche

Separately, we also offer UNIVERSAL workbenches that do not allow any extension. In addition, we can always manufacture customized products and are confident of our ability to satisfy and meet your individual requirements.

ESD Product Categories

Anti static ESD Workbenches
Anti static ESD Chairs
Anti static ESD Furniture
Anti static ESD Clothing
Anti static ESD Shoes
Anti static ESD Personal Grounding
Anti static ESD Flooring
Anti static ESD Anti Fatigue Mats
Anti static ESD Floor Coatings Paint
Anti static ESD Table Mats
Anti static ESD Storage & Warehousing
Anti static ESD Packaging
Anti static ESD Precision Hand Tools
Anti static ESD Cleaning & Maintenance

ESD Training & ESD Support.

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