Wrote on 28/07/20 by Bruno Depré

Short-sightedness and lack of global vision for the future of ESD manufacturers ceases their own success and that of their dealers, without realizing it. Which of your ESD suppliers has ever read the international ESD standard IEC61340 and ... understands what he has read? (Read more)

ESD Advice - ESD Audit - ESD Course - ESD Support - ESD Training

Wrote on 28/07/20 by Bruno Depré

ESD Advice - ESD Audit - ESD Course - ESD Support - ESD Training. Everything stands and falls with knowledge, ESD knowledge. The better you understand static electricity, charges, discharges, sparks, the more efficiently you can arm yourself against large losses. IEC61340 / ANSI S2020 (Read more)

Coronavirus COVID-19 Medical Mouth Masks - Surgical face mask with 3-layer earloop N95 - FFP2

Wrote on 11/03/20 by Bruno Depré

Available Coronavirus COVID-19 Medical Mouth Masks - Surgical face mask with 3-layer earloop # N95 - # FFP2. Hospitals and medical care institutions are given priority. Continuous production. (Read more)

ESD containers | ESD EURO containers | ESD boxes | ESD bins | ESD totes | ESD antistatic Packaging | AntiStatic-ESD-Solutions

Wrote on 26/01/20 by Bruno Depré

ESD-containers, ESD EURO containers, ESD boxes, ESD bins, ESD totes, ESD foldable or collapsible containers, ESD EURO pallets, featuring all standard designs and world- wide accepted, AES has a complete range to offer… Electrically conductive tote boxes, ESD stackable bins, both storage and shipping containers and covers all according to EN 61340-5-1. (Read more)

ESD Keyboards & ESD Mouses Antistatic

Wrote on 24/10/19 by Bruno Depré

ESD Keyboards & ESD Mouses (antistatic) are in the most vulnerable place within your EPA, near the highly sensitive components, sensitive to static electricity. We supply ESD Keyboard Azerty, ESD Keyboard Qwerty, French, Germand and UK versions. These conductive ESD keyboards and ESD safe mises can't generate static electriciy, are not antistatic bur conduct the charges to ground and meet the standard IEC61340. (Read more)

Gaming Chairs Racing Gaming chairs ESD safe Static Free for eSports Gaming.

Wrote on 08/10/19 by Bruno Depré

Gaming room chairs Improve your game. eSport Gaming Racing Chairs need to be ESD safe, free from Static Electricity to improve The life of a professional gamer. Online gaming is extremely competitive.Training hours a day to be the best. Unhealthy lifestyle is part of it.

The Best Settings and Setups in Esports are essential, Gaming Chairs ESD safe Static Free are required, necessary, needed to get better results. (Read more)

Grounding Patients with Hypertension Improves Blood Pressure - The Earthing Institute

Wrote on 23/02/19 by Bruno Depré

High blood pressure (hypertension) has resulted in solid improvements among hypertensive patients.

The study, conducted by a Southern California integrative cardiologist, was published in the medical journal Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine, and involved 10 patients diagnosed with various degrees of hypertension. All were having trouble controlling their blood pressure prior to participation in the grounding study. (Read more)

Austrian Researchers Confirm Grounding Speeds Training / Exercise Recovery - The Earthing Institute

Wrote on 03/02/19 by Bruno Depré

For athletes and fitness enthusiasts, grounding offers major benefits. Over the years, researchers have found that grounding lessens the duration and intensity of muscle soreness that occurs after intense exercise and training. Muscle damage is reduced. Inflammation and pain reduced. Recovery is accelerated. A new study confirming this effect has just been published by sports scientists at the University of Salzburg in Austria. (Read more)

Stop denying the devastating consequences of Static Electricity.

Wrote on 28/12/18 by Bruno Depré

Static Electricity - shocks and how to avoid them - Static electricity is not fiction but more life-threatening than you would expect. Denying does not make sense. How to Avoid Static Electricity, How to Get Rid of Static Electricity in the Body, Static electricity is invisible but much more dangerous than people think. Electrostatic discharges are life-threatening, damage electrically controlled equipment such as aircraft, medical equipment, pace makers, servers, telephone exchanges, cars, logistics, access controls, etc. (Read more)

Seeking for dealership - Seeking Distributorship - Franchise Web Shop

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COMPANIES - SUPPLIERS - SERVICE PROVIDERS are #seeking distributors. AES is also seeking Franchise distributors but we have tool no other has.... a synchronised Parent-Child Web Shop. (Read more)

ESD Table Mats on Rolls, ESD Rubber mats & ESD Vinyl Mats AES

Wrote on 03/11/18 by Bruno Depré

ESD Table Mats on Roll and on size, ESD Rubber & ESD Vinyl Mats as well as rigid ESD table mats are ESD products and static control equipment serving the high-tech industry. ESD Rubber and PVC mats offer resistance to hot solder and chemicals and feature two layers - a static dissipative top and a black conductive bottom.

ESD vinyl table mats are suitable for general electronics assembly and are available in 2-layer mat or single layer homogeneous material. Both ESD rubber mats and vinyl mats are available in rolls or ESD work surface mat kits which include a ground snap and common point ground.

(Read more)

Esd Garment - ESD Clothing - Anti Static Clothing - ESD Apparel

Wrote on 19/10/18 by Bruno Depré

ESD safe garment must be certified by reputable institutes according the ESD standard DIN EN 61340-5-1:2008 according European standards and ANSI-S2020 according USA standards. ESD clothing is only a small, but extremely important key to quality to guarantee electronic products. Not adequate clothing disrupts the production, damage electronic components, and caused a large drop-out in the way of non- or bad working, and even worse, damaged electronic products. ESD clothing must protect the electrical charges and discharges. Unfortunately most people in the electronics industry also most of the companies who supply ESD-safe products have insufficient knowledge of ESD. They buy or sell expensive products including ESD clothing, but they do not know exactly what those products do, how they work, what they can cause ... (Read more)

Interactive ESD Trainings at location.

Wrote on 30/07/18 by Bruno Depré

ESD courses and ESD trainings: protect your electronics against ESD. If one wants to protect its electronics against electrostatic discharges, it is necessary to know something about ESD. We share our ESD knowledge in these interacid ESD trainings, taught in Dutch, English, French and German. We explain to you what is stated in the ESD standards IEC61340-5-1 and apply them. With practical examples we actually show what ESD is all about. (Read more)

The Planetary Fix for Planet Earth's Pain Epidemic: Grounding.

Wrote on 02/06/18 by Bruno Depré

Reasons Why If You Don't Sleep, You Will Die. Health and pain management because we are disconnected from earth. Our houses are earthed in a correct and safe way. Health and Pain Relief because we are disconnected from earth. Our houses are earthed in a correct and safe way. Because people isolate themselves from earth, pain complaints, insomnia, muscle pains arise. Get Better Sleep, #optimizing #sleep by #Earthing or #grounding. Earthing is the process of absorbing earth's free flowing electrons from its surface through the soles of your feet. (Read more)

New Scientific Study Confirms Grounding Reduces Inflammation, Stress, Blood Thickness and Burn-Out.

Wrote on 01/04/18 by Bruno Depré

Static electricity is related to contact with the earth. Continueing denying the problem does not make any sense. Static electricity, unnoticed, by isolating ourselves from earth (ground) causes serious health problems, damages our health, is now confirmed in this new scientific research. . (Read more)

Aerospace & Security & Defense Technology tremble for fear of ESD events, the invisible spark caused by an electrostatic discharge.

Wrote on 09/02/18 by Bruno Depré

Avoiding the small spark created by static electricity is one of the biggest challenges and fears in Aerospace & Security & Defense Technology. How to avoid " electrostatic discharge" so no crashes will happen. Static electricity causes major headaches and fears in Aerospace, Security & Defense Technology. (Read more)

Static electricity in logistics companies & Warehouses.

Wrote on 25/01/18 by Bruno Depré

Many logistics companies are struggling with problems caused by static electricity. Logistics companies receive additional tasks such as the repacking of electrical equipment. What are the prevention methods for discharging to prevent ESD damage caused by static charges. How does an ESD safe zone work? (Read more)

Static electricity in the office.

Wrote on 15/01/18 by Bruno Depré

Each of us is familiar with the concept of static electricity, electric shocks, static charges when we grasp a door handle, steps out of the car, if we want to to touch something. some people suffer more from static electricity and the associated electric shocks than others. Static electricity is a natural phenomenon, that change from day to day, but for which solutions exist but few are aware how to treat it due to lack of knowledge (which is no shame). (Read more)

Antistatic ESD Workbench Configurator - ESD & Technical Furniture - ESD & Technical Work Stations

Wrote on 30/03/17 by Bruno Depré

Configur your own Antistatic ESD Workbench or workstation Online - ESD & Technical Furniture - ESD & Technical WorkStations, ESDproducts has it all. ESD training, Workplace investigation and support. Whatever question you have about Electrostatics or static electricity, don't hesitate and get in contactwith ESDproducts, (Read more)

Online ESD Workbench Configurator - ESD Workbench VIKING ESD & Technical Furniture

Wrote on 31/08/16 by Bruno Depré

Compose your ideal ESD mirror workspot, free of static electricity. ESDworkbench configurator shows your personal Ostrov workstation. See all ESD safe furniture and antistatic safe products on our Online-ESD-Web-Shop (Read more)