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Wrote on 03/02/19 by Bruno Depré

Grounding Speeds Training / Exercise Recovery confirmed by Austrian Researchers.

The Earthing Institute

Effectiveness of Grounded Sleeping on Recovery After Intensive Eccentric Muscle Loading.


Earthing Speeds Sports/Training Recovery, Lessens Muscle Damage and Inflammation. 


For athletes and fitness enthusiasts, grounding offers major benefits. Over the years, researchers have found that grounding lessens the duration and intensity of muscle soreness that occurs after intense exercise and training.

Muscle damage is reduced. Inflammation and pain reduced. Recovery is accelerated.

A new study confirming this effect has just been published by sports scientists at the University of Salzburg in Austria. They concluded that grounding may represent a "simple methodology to enhance" both short and long-term recovery after intensive training or competition. Perhaps the first effective method for doing so!

  • To read the study, click here.
  • To read more about grounding, sports and exercise recovery, click here.

For more information about grounding, refer to the Earthing book and the Earthing Institute website

Whether you do your grounding primarily outdoors or indoors, make sure you do it routinely. Stay connected to the Earth! Indoor grounding products are available in the U.S. at earthing dot com and groundtherapycenter and outside the U.S. through distributors.

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