Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)

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What is ESD ?

ESD is the acronym for Electrostatic discharge. Discharges of static electricity is a physical phenomena that we can experience every day e.g.combing hairs, zaps after touching a doorknob, lightning ...

Mostly, electrostatic discharges are not harmful for humans, but the effect that they have on electrical components, is the same as the effect of a lightning bolt striking a tree.

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What causes ESD ?

When two materials come into contact, they share electrons.
After separating the materials they become charged.
The material giving up electrons becomes positively charged while the material accepting the electrons becomes negatively charged. The relative tendency to become positively or negatively charged is an intrinsic material property.
This property is summarized in the triboelectric series.

If a charged object comes near an object with a difference in
electrostatic potential, an electrostatic discharge will take place.

Mostly we don't notice these discharges. It takes more than 3000 Volts to feel, 5000 Volts to hear, and 10.000 Volts to see a discharge.

The 10 critical factors for a successful "ESD" Management

  • An Effective Implementation Plan
  • Management Commitment
  • An "ESD" Coordinator & an Active "ESD" Committee
  • Realistic Requirements
  • "ESD" Training
  • Auditing Using Scientific Measures
  • "ESD" Test Facilities
  • Open Communication
  • Systematic Planning and measuring
  • Continuous Improvement

"Measuring is knowledge"

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"ESD standard"

  • IEC 61340-2-1 Measurement methods - Ability of materials and products to dissipate static electric charge.
  • IEC/TR 61340-2-2 Measurement methods - Measurement of chargeability.
  • IEC 61340-2-3 Methods of test for determining the resistance and resistivity of solid planar materials used to avoid electrostatic charge accumulation.
  • IEC 61340-3-1 Methods for simulation of electrostatic effects - Human body model (HBM) - Component testing.
  • IEC 61340-3-2 Methods for simulation of electrostatic effects - Machine model (MM) - Component testing.
  • IEC 61340-4-1 Standard test methods for specific applications - Electrical resistance of floor coverings and installed floors.
  • IEC 61340-4-3 Standard test methods for specific applications - Footwear.
  • IEC 61340-4-5 Standard test methods for specific applications - Methods for characterizing the electrostatic protection of footwear and flooring in combination with a person.
  • IEC 61340-5-1 Protection of electronic devices from electrostatic phenomena - General requirements.
  • IEC/TS 61340-5-2 Protection of electronic devices from electrostatic phenomena - User guide.

"don't live by them, implement them"

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