ESD Chairs | Anti static Chairs | ESD stoelen | antistatische stoelen

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ESD Chairs | Anti static Chairs | ESD stoelen | antistatische stoelen


ESD Chairs | Anti static Chairs | ESD Seats.

ESD Chairs | Anti static Chairs | ESD Seats

 Basic ESD Chairs | ESD Seats

 Basic ESD Chairs | ESD Seats

ESD Chairs Ergonomic Antistatic | ESD Seats 

ESD Chairs Ergonomic Antistatic | ESD Seats

 ESD Chairs Comfort | ESD Office Seats

 ESD Office Chairs Ergonomic Antistatic | ESD Seats

ESD Saddle Chairs | ESD Swivels | ESD Stools | ESD Seats

ESD Saddle Chairs | ESD Swivels | ESD Stools | ESD Seats

ESD Cleanroom Chairs | ESD Seatings 

ESD Cleanroom Chairs | ESD Seatings

Avoiding Static electricity in the office. 

anti static electricity ESD chair

Each of us is familiar with the concept of static electricity, electric shocks, static charges when we grasp a door handle, steps out of the car, if we want to to touch something. some people suffer more from static electricity and the associated electric shocks than others. Static electricity is a natural phenomenon, that change from day to day, but for which solutions exist but few are aware how to treat it due to lack of knowledge (which is no shame). 

Woldwide a lot of people are suffering from static electricity at the office.Anti-shock tips for static electricity at the office.

Who has not experienced it yet ... a shock as a result of electrostatic discharge, static electricity is not an unknown phenomenon.

Field research showed that about a quarter of people in the Netherlands experience complaints at work due to static electricity.

We are faced with complaints almost daily. Unexplained headaches, severe muscle pains, nothing to touch without getting a shock, a shock when taking a door handle, sitting at your work table, taking a classification folder out of the closet, getting in and out of the car, ....

Static electricity is a natural phenomenon that is almost invisible but that affects our lives much more than we suspect.

The phenomenon of ribbed or dented thighs (Lipoatrophia Semicircularis (LS)) is a good example that shows which inflows can have electrostatic discharges on our human body.

Some people are more sensitive to static electricity than others.

Doctors and physicians know nothing about this, worse often patients with complaints are not taken seriously.

An important factor is the humidity in combination with synthetic materials.

However, we can control static electricity in the office, which can solve many problems in the office and this through the correct implementation of the work environment.

Static Electricity can be treated, controlled and prevented by observing a number of basic rules.

It is only through the efficient application of these basic rules, in the right way, in the correct chronological order, that much suffering can be prevented.

Choose the most suitable ESD chair. 

ESD Chairs | Anti static Chairs | ESD Seats

An important reason to take static electricity seriously and avoid electrostatic discharge! 

AntiStatic-ESD-Solutions bvba makes its knowledge available for the prevention of damage caused by static electricity and prevents electrostatic discharges based on the guidelines described in the IEC61340 standard.

Visible protection from invisible dangers. 

ESD guidelines for setting up an ESD protected working environment (EPA)

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