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Protection against static electricity.

ESD Web Shop ESD Safe products against static electricity

 Increasingly protection is needed from the effects of static electricity.
Through the miniaturization of our electronics, all companies in the chain for a high quality electronic devices are forced to protect themselves and their ESD sensitive products against damage caused by static electricity.

We think about industries like electronics, development assembly and repair, aerospace (the branch of technology and industry concerned with both aviation and space flight), automotive, aviation, aerospace, computer servers, communications, telephony, internet, cyber control, health care, maritime, modern day offices, defense, army, logistics and much more ... are all influenced by the effects of the invisible effects of static electricity, electrostatic discharges.

"Static electricity is not static but dynamic" distinguishes itself by controlling static electricity. understanding the behavior of electrostatic charges, preventing Electrostatic discharges damaging electronic sensitive devices. B.A.S.S., headed by Bruno Depré is straight forward. "ESD is black or white, there is nothing between". Implementing "ESD Safe" products will not help, it will only cost money, brings no solutions and leave many people frustrated without preventing electrostatic charges causing ESD damage to their productions, products and sensitive devices.

Self-criticism, continuous learning, contact with ESD specialists, a purposeful vision, always put the customer first by clear explanatory responses does not make us the most beloved partner for ESD suppliers and manufacturers. However, we will ensure that only correct ESD solution. To continue this vision we need reliable ESD manufacturers and suppliers on which we can always count. Together with our partners is a close family always looking for improvements in tackling and controlling static electricity.

ESD Webshop:

Anti Static ESD Workbenches;
Anti Static ESD Chairs;
• Anti Static ESD Furniture;
• Anti Static ESD Table Mats;
Anti Static ESD Clothing;
Anti Static ESD Shoes;
Anti Static ESD Storage & warehousing;
Anti Static ESD Hand Tools;
• Anti Static ESD Packaging, bags;
• Anti Static ESD Flooring solutions;
• Anti Static ESD Office & EPA Supplies;
• Anti Static ESD measuring and control equipment;
• Anti Static ESD Cleaning - Maintenance;
• ESD support, education & training, pre-audit;
• Anti Static overall project management.


ESD Safe Workbenches.  

 ESD Workbenches

ESD safe Chairs. 

ESD safe chairs

ESD Safe Furniture. 

ESD safe furniture

ESD Table Mats. 


esd tablemat anti static table matting  

ESD Clothing & garment.

ESD-Clothing, ESD-Garments, Anti-Static Clothing, ESD Apparel

ESD safe Shoes.


ESD Storage & warehousing.

Anti Static ESD Protective Storage & Warehousing Systems

ESD safe Hand Tools.

esd safe handtools wiha

ESD Packaging, bags.

ESD Bins ESD boxes ESD Containers



ESD Flooring solutions.

ESDFlooring solutions Conductive floors dissipative ESD puzzle floors

ESD floor coating paint      Conductive ESD floorcoating paint

Anti Static ESD floorpuzzle tiles

ESD Office & EPA Supplies.

ESDoffice & EPA supplies

ESD Measuring and control equipment.

ESD access control ESD measurement equipment


ESD Cleaning - Maintenance.


ESD Guidelines: How to set up an EPA-ESD procted area.

ESD Guide lines instructions


ESD Support, training & pre-audit.

ESD training certificatESD trainingBruno Depré ESDproducts trainin certificat

B.A.S.S. (Belgium's-A-StaticScience)

Antistatic ESD Solutions
ESD support and ESD training
ESD prevention - IEC 61340-5-1/5-2
Barones Ludwina de Borrekenslaan 35
2630 Aartselaar - Belgium
Tel: +32 (0)3 230 19 75
Fax: +32 (0) 3 230 19 78
Mob: +32 (0) 489 312 680
VAT: BE0509.935.334 


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