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ESDproducts - ESD supplier - ESD dealer - ESD training 

Based on the knowledge of the tribocharging of various products listed in the Triboelectric series, we will start our ESD consultancy together with our customer. Together we will examine the possible causes of ESD case-by-case. The next step in preventing ESD damage is removing static charged products or materials that generate static charges. Implementing ESD safe materials is essential in an efficient and effective ESD procedure.

Your employees should follow ESD interactive trainings. Our ESD College will teach and is focused to recognize, acknowledge and to identify the problem of electro static discharges. The better your employees understand the importance of ESD safe work, the more successful your ESD procedure will function. The B.A.S.S.antistatic esd solutions staff will carefully explain the difference between anti-static (low charging), conductive and dissipative. We will guide you in preparing an ESD prevention plan, the necessary control tests be performed before one is allowed to enter the EPA and why this should be observed consistently by everyone. We will show you the need to maintain your precious ESD floor properly by using the correct ESD cleaner and ESD polisher.  We will demonstrate the misconceptions about ESD.

ESDproducts is sharing their knowlegde about ESD Protected Area, ESD Access Control System, conductive Chairs, Earthing components, Safety wrist bands, conductive and dissipative Floor coverings, ESD coating systems, ESD Furniture, electronic safe Tables, ESD Table coverings, ESD Office Tools, ESD vacuum cleaners, ESD Identification and warning signs, adhesives, ESD Office supplies, Static safe Transportation, ESD Packaging, ESD Storage, ESD trolleys Carriages, ESD Wheels and rolls, ESD Cardboard systems, conductive and anti-static Foam materials, ESD Protective shielding bags and ESD safe tapes, ESD Stacking boxes, table-top-cupboards, suitcases, drawer magazines, ESD Transport Systems, ESD Instruments, ESD Testing, ESD measuring, ESD Working Cloths, ESD garments, ESD Shoes, ESD Shoes for men, ESD women Shoes,


1. Interior ESD workplace
2. Personal protective equipment (PPE)
3. Personal grounding
4. ESD Cleaning and ESD maintenance
5. ESD Packaging
6. ESD Training & ESD consultancy



1) Interior ESD workplace 

ESD Workbenches


B.A.S.S. ESDproducts® works together with leading manufacturers of ESD-workbenches. Designed and built to high specifications, ESDproducts® ESD-workbenches and other products are used in a wide variety of technical and manufacturing environments, including Industrial, Government, Medical, Commercial and Military.



ESD chairs should be an ideal mix between ergonomics and completely ESD safe working tools in the ESD protected areas. The chair connects people and their work. For people, their ESD chair is their workplace.

ESD flooring


In an ESD protected area high sensitive components are treated and must be protected. ESD flooring should provide a controlled discharge to ground. Both too fast and too slow discharge can damage your sensitive components.
Remember, ESD flooring is not installed just like a standard floor. A conductive and grounded ESD floor has good and stable conductive properties that are not depending on humidity values.

2) Personal protective equipment (PPE)

ESD safe clothing - ESD-garment


ESD clothing must protect the electrical charges and discharges. We as B.A.S.S. ESDproducts® can not emphasize enough, ESD garment must be certified by reputable institutes according the ESD standard DIN EN 61340-5-1 according European standards and ANSI-S2020 according USA standards and must be maintained in a proper manner, otherwise it loses its properties!
ESD-clothing is only a tiny, but a very important quality key to guarantee your electronic products. Not adequate clothing disrupts the production, damage electronic components, and causes a large drop-out in the way of non- or bad working, and even worse, damaged electronic products.

ESD-shoes / ESD-safety-shoes / ESD socks

ESD shoes

Electrostatic discharge is important in situations involving danger of explosion (explosives, chemicals, gases, dust explosion), or if you work with sensitive electronics (microchips, hard drives, etc.). When you move, friction always causes an electrostatic charge. Shoes and clothing that are not conductive (enough) can increase this charge.
Important to assure a good functioning discharge is the relation (connection) between the person, ESD shoe and ESD flooring. ESD-shoes (ElectroStatic Dissipative) have an electrical resistance between 0.1 and 100 (MΩ), measured
according to BS EN 61340-4-3 (IEC 61340-4-3). ESD shoes are thus guaranteed to have an extremely low electrical resistance under any conditions in order to prevent a strong, uncontrolled electrostatic charge.

3) Personal grounding 

personal grounding

When working with electronic components especially, unprotected ESD sensitive devices, it is imperative that we focus on proper grounding. Before handling ESD sensitive devices, make sure that your personal grounding precautions are checked to assure yourself they are functioning properly. All of the ESD personal grounding attributes, as well as test equipment, you can find on our web shop: ESD wrist straps, adjustable wrist straps, metal expansion wrist straps, fixed size wrist straps and field service kits. Our foot grounders include grounders for soles, heels, toes, and shoes.

4) ESD Cleaning and maintenance 

ESD vacuum Cleaner

The correct installation of an EPA (ESD Protected Area) is very important and requires expertise. More importantly, and all too often overlooked, is the maintenance of these ESD protected areas.
ESD dissipative surfaces should be treated with the right cleaners and cleaning utilities to assure these conductive properties are preserved. The use of qualitative ESD vacuum cleaners according the ESD Standards is of utmost importance, we do not want to cause damage to ESD sensitive components within the EPA.

5) ESD Packaging

Protective ESD packaging


Packaging will have the characteristics according ESDS or non ESDS features, measured at the highest and lowest expected or defined relative humidity and marked for everyone to know what is in the package before opening. The outer surface of proximity packaging brought into an EPA shall not be insulated. The electrical properties shall be maintained during use, storage, transit, distribution or application to the point of re-use. The primary functions of protective packaging outside the EPA are to limit tribo-electric charging and provide shielding against electrostatic fields and discharges. The packaging shall be capable of providing charge drainage to EPA ground when brought into an EPA.
Depending on the application and requirements, there are basically four types of ESD packaging which can be distinguished: Black conductive packaging; Pink poly packaging; Metalic shielding bags and Cardboard boxes with enclosed conductive layer.

ESD office supplies
As we all know, the best way to prevent ESD damage to sensitive components is to avoid all possible static materials on your ESD-workbench. Unfortunately this is not always possible and we must carefully allow products in this area, sensitive to
static electricity. B.A.S.S. ESDproducts® ESD-keyboard and mousses are especially suitable in these areas which require high standards to the safety because of electrostatic discharge, for example for the assembly of printed circuit boards or system technology and many more. The ESD-keyboard has been developed to optimizes the surface resistance to guarantee the necessary conduction of unrequested generated electrical currents through electrostatic charging.
Other products such as ESD Clip Board, ESD Cutter, ESD Document holder, ESD Safe Pen, ESD Brush, ESD Conductive Tweezer must be chosen carefully to avoid ESD damage.

6) ESD Training & ESD-consultancy

ESD Training

ESD training by Bruno Depré

ESD Training is essential and needs to be part of employee introduction courses. Relevant structured ESD courses shall be provided for all personnel who specify, procure, design, mark or handle ESD in any way or are likely to do so, including those who manage and supervise them. Special emphasis should be placed on training of personnel who are to undertake field work. Subcontractors, cleaners and temporary personnel need to receive awareness or appropriate training for their activities. Visitors must be made aware of your local ESD handling procedures. Personnel need to be trained to employ effectively the materials, equipment and procedures provided in accordance with this technical report and to understand why electrostatic precautions are needed in order to have an effective ESD secured safety process.


7) Fundamentals of Electrostatic Discharge 


"Measuring equals ESD knowledge"

"ESD standards"

* IEC 61340-2-1 Measurement methods - Ability of materials and products to dissipate static electric charge.
* IEC/TR 61340-2-2 Measurement methods - Measurement of chargeability.
* IEC 61340-2-3 Methods of test for determining the resistance and resistivity of solid planar materials used to avoid electrostatic charge accumulation.
* IEC 61340-3-1 Methods for simulation of electrostatic effects - Human body model (HBM) - Component testing.
* IEC 61340-3-2 Methods for simulation of electrostatic effects - Machine model (MM) - Component testing.
* IEC 61340-4-1 Standard test methods for specific applications - Electrical resistance of floor coverings and installed floors.
* IEC 61340-4-3 Standard test methods for specific applications - Footwear.
* IEC 61340-4-5 Standard test methods for specific applications - Methods for characterizing the electrostatic protection of footwear and flooring in combination with a person.
* IEC 61340-5-1 Protection of electronic devices from electrostatic phenomena - General requirements.
* IEC/TS 61340-5-2 Protection of electronic devices from electrostatic phenomena - User guide.

"don't live by them, implement them"


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